Summer Workshop 2010

Cambridge Suzuki Piano PLUS! Summer Institutes 2010
26-29 July 2010

Suzuki Piano Institute for book 1 & 2

Suzuki Piano Workshop Level 1:
(for students in Book 1 aged 6 and above by April 2010)
Activities include:

Suzuki Piano Workshop Level 2:
(for students in Books 2-3 by April 2010)
Activities same as Level 1, with additional Piano Group Performance Class(es) e.g. contemporary music/composition/scales.

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Contemporary Chamber Music Workshop

Composer-In-Residence: Graham Fitkin
Sessions include:

(Home-stay accommodation may be available for a limited number of participants)
Age Range: 9-18 / Ability Range: Advanced/Grade 8 Distinction or Suzuki Book 8

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Suzuki Piano Teacher Development

This course is designed for Piano Teachers (experienced in Suzuki or new to the approach) to gain further understanding of Dr Suzuki's ideas and their practical realisation at the crucial book1 and 2 stages. The time-tabled schedule will focus on observation of Suzuki Piano Lessons given by master teacher Bruce Anderson, as well a Stephen Power and Betty Power. The schedule will include opportunities to observe:

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(For further details on any of the above events, please contact Stephen Power)

Betty & Stephen Power


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