Suzuki Piano Teacher Training: An Introduction to teacher training with Stephen and Betty Power at Cambridge Suzuki Young Musicians (CSYM)


West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge UK


July 29 - August 1st 2019


Taking place during our Summer School, July 29-August 1st, this course allows teachers to experience the broad range of musical activities that the, mainly CSYM students (ages 4-13), experience during our Summer School, taking place at the the prestigious West Road Concert Hall and Faculty of Music in Cambridge. There is also a course for three of our former student, now studying at Conservatoire that runs alongside that for the children so teachers can experience the development of Suzuki students, and observe high level interactions between these students and our conservatoire level staff.

We have an experienced guest Suzuki staff, with teacher trainers Huub de Lueew, and Caroline Gowers, an exceptional young artist staff for chamber music in Rebecca Carson (flute), Richard Gowers (piano accompaniment), Gabriella Pineda Rodrigues (lieder), and Andrew Power (cello), who will also perform alongside the students, and three conservatoire professors in percussionist and head of the 'brass, wind and percussion' department at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama Richard Benjafield, distinguished concert pianist Peter Nagy from the Hungarian school of playing, and, one of the leading contemporary French composers, Regis Campo.

Experiencing the Suzuki centred experiences of parent talks, teacher seminars, three piano coaching of Suzuki repertoire, group lessons on scales, etc, alongside the more general chamber music and masterclass sessions with older students should give teachers plenty to contemplate, reflect upon, and learn from to take back to their own teaching.

Application and Fee:

Application can be make by e-mailing Stephen on The fee for the four days is 330. The course is non-residential, and early application is advised. The course does not lead to any Suzuki qualification, but is intended as either teaching refreshment and reflection, or, as a taste of the longer term teacher training courses at level 1 and 2 offered by us, that can lead to qualification as a Suzuki teacher under the European Suzuki Association.