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Performing Fitkin at Summer School

Summer Workshop Scales Practice

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Suzuki Piano Teacher Training at CSYM

CSYM is the joint teaching practice of Stephen and Betty Power. Our aim is to foster musically rounded musicians. Teacher Training at CSYM is tutored by both Stephen and Betty Power, both of whom studied with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka, (co-founders of the Suzuki piano school), in Matsumoto, Japan in the 1980's. The training leads to qualification through the European Suzuki Association (ESA), meaning that, piano teachers, once qualified, can teach the Suzuki Method (trade mark), worldwide.

Training aims to be flexible, so trainees can train in the real-life situation of our studio through a weekly or fortnightly apprenticeship scheme or take part in the course over several weekend and weeks throughout the year as part of a group. Besides training in the studio, the Summer School offers a wide range of disciplines, chamber music, new music, etc., that will supplement the core Suzuki repertoire, but still maintaining Suzuki principles of education, and the chance to encounter outstanding musicians and educators.

The following are 2021/2022 courses

UPDATE: Sunday March 7th from 2.00-3.00 pm (UK time): Zoom meeting introducing the online Suzuki Piano teacher training course. The session will include a short lesson with a CSYM student, followed by a Q&A, a short description of the principles of the Suzuki Method and an outline of the training course.

The course will take place mainly online (totally online where travel is prohibitive), with some in-person content, and last approx 120 hours, beginning March 21st. It leads to the level 1 qualification under the European Suzuki Association system, covering the all important early stages of learning.

To receive an invite to this zoom meeting contact ESA teacher trainer Stephen on

1/ Suzuki piano teacher training programme 2021/2022

2021-2022 our Suzuki piano teacher training programme will be a blended online course with some in-person residential courses later in the year. It will have 120 hours content, and end with examinations for the level 1 of the 'European Suzuki Association'.

The ESA sphere of responsibility covers Europe, Middle East, and Africa, so candidates are most welcome from countries within those regions. This allows teachers to teach the all important early stages successfully, and to be able to be a part of the world-wide Suzuki teaching community, and have the first level of the five levels of Suzuki training. Teachers from other regions can apply, but you will have to check with the regional association covering your area, as to how the ESA level one qualification equivalency is managed.

To find out more contact Stephen via e-mail outlining why you are interested in training, something about yourself and your musical background, and what you hope to gain out of the course. The second stage is an online interview, followed by short audition via pre-recorded video.

Fee: Currently, the cost of the first level is 1500, which includes the examination.

2/ A holistic approach to training piano students: an introduction to the Suzuki based programme at 'Cambridge Suzuki Young Musicians' July 26-July 30

This course is based around the opportunities for observation at our Summer School. The ethos of the Summer School is all about making music together, therefore there are sessions for chamber music, masterclasses, multi-piano work on grand pianos, composition, concerts etc. The aim of Summer School is to encourage a learning community, the musical interaction leading to social interaction, and musically well rounded musicians. There will be a planned route of observation to follow each day, amounting to 25 hours. The final day is devoted entirely to teachers, with seminars, and lessons on the early stages of teaching following the ideas of Shinichi Suzuki.

Fee: The cost for this is 100

At the time of writing there is no way of knowing how COVID will affect the Summer School, although I anticipate that it will take place in-person. Any necessary measures will be put in place. Therefore at the moment expressions of interest on the course are welcome, which will help with the planning process, with firm applications from June 1st 2021, when the situation for July will be clearer.

For further details on any of the above events, please email Stephen Power at