“Learn one thing, then practice and polish it every day for perhaps three months. Listen continuously to the best performers in the world on recordings. Soon you will improve, playing more and more excellently, until a new higher level is born. By this time it is no longer technique only but the possession of spirit and heart.”

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki piano education

The Suzuki piano approach is based on the philosophy and teaching methods of the Japanese violinist, pedagogue and humanitarian, Dr Shinichi Suzuki. Dr Suzuki believed that every child can be educated to a very high level using the same principles as those used for language acquisition.

Some of the basic principles underlying the Suzuki approach:

Dr Suzuki's approach is concerned with the education of the whole child through music:

‘Our purpose does not lie in a movement to create professional musicians, but to create people of beautiful minds and fine ability through an unparalleled, uniquely musical approach. We engage in human education through music so that children will grow beautifully with high sensitivity.’

Betty & Stephen Power

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