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The things the children say...

Whilst shopping in M&S Food Hall - “Mummy, that fridge is singing A#” Jon (age 8)

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Great value! Alicia de Larrocha playing ALL the Mozart piano sonatas, fantasias and rondos. This 5-CD set is on the RCA Red Label series through BMG Classics, selling at Heffers Music for 15.00. Sonatas K.310 and K.331 are in the Suzuki piano repertoire Books 5-6. A must-have.

Also, the double CD of Andras Schiff playing the Italian Concerto, etc., is still available through Heffers.

Fun music websites for kids

I had a quick look at these and generally rate them entertaining and informative. However, as with any on-line activity, I'd encourage parents to read along and participate with the child.

www.classicsforkids.com – interactive Note Game and Composer Time Machine – suitable for ages from 6+.

www.pianoeducation.org/pnokids.html – all about piano music and composers – includes an interactive chat line more suitable for older students.

www.newyorkphilharmonic.org – find Kidzone on the New York Philharmonic website - great for introducing children to instruments of the orchestra.

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