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CSYM Practice Club Starts Today 1 October


All CSYM Piano students!


All you need to do is practice daily without missing a day.

If you miss a day, you will need to start over. With your “Practice Calendar” you can keep a record of your practice over a 30-day period. Your Suzuki parent is asked to monitor and OK each day of Regular Practice, and record any “Un-Practice” days that are absolutely necessary

REGULAR PRACTICE means completing all the assignments given by your teacher from week to week

The “Un-Practice” is used only when you are ill or unable to have regular practice. Instead of a regular practice, you might do the following over a 20 minute period: listening to the CD while studying the music, rhythm practice, sol-fa practice, reviewing Twinkles/Scales and several review pieces if you have only 10-15 minutes. These must be monitored by your parent and initialled as such on the practice calendar

If you are travelling for any length of time with no access to a piano for more than a week, the “Un-Practice” is not an option for more than 1-2 days in a row, and you will need to make some other arrangement with your teacher.

The Practice Club Calendar

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