“Talent is not inborn, it has to be created”

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

How to begin

We welcome inquiries from parents of 2–4-year-olds at any time throughout the academic year. Both parents if possible are first invited to:

Parent lessons are scheduled with the teacher before the student begins to discuss the principles of Suzuki education in more detail, e.g. the role of listening, how to practise at home, the use of the Suzuki books and music-reading.

Scheduling lessons

New student lessons commence when the teacher is ready to start a group of three young beginners, OR is able to overlap a new beginner with another student. New students usually begin in September or January.

Openings vary throughout the year depending upon the teacher's schedule. Whenever possible, the teacher schedules lessons to create the optimum learning situation for each child in the programme. Parents are asked not to request specific days or times, as it is impossible for lessons to be arranged according to individual needs or preferences.

Betty & Stephen Power

Email: info@suzukipianocambridge.org.uk