Cambridge Contemporary Chamber Music Course

for flute, cello and harp

July 27th - 30th, 2020

Location: Cambridge UK

This unique new music course will feature music by Regis Campo, Graham Fitkin, and Howard Skempton among other contemporary composers. It shares some facilities and tutors with the annual chamber music school run simultaneously for ages 4-21. Graham Fitkin and Ruth Wall will be present for three days during the course.

Course content

Ensemble: A special feature will be Ensemble music for each of the instruments, ie flute choir, cello duo, quartet, or octet, and harp ensemble (up to 5 harpists playing together). So for example, the flautists might play 'La Tempesta', the second of Regis Campo's concertos for flute, with Rebecca Carson playing the flute part and an orchestra of flutes [4 flutes, 2 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes, and one contrabass flute]. The cellists a cello octet by Regis Campo or Howard Skempton. Chamber music: Students will also play chamber music, flute and harp, flute, viola and harp, etc.

Masterclass on solo repertoire: Each student will play a piece for solo harp, solo cello, or solo flute, ideally by Regis Campo (as he has written a considerable amount for solo flute and solo cello in particular), or one of the featured composers, otherwise by a living composer. There will be one masterclass on the repertoire chosen (this can be done in consultation with your teacher).

Please note: that the exact course content is dependant on the nature and level of enrolment, so the description given above is for guidance and is subject to change. The faculty are also subject to change in the case of illness or other situations that may arise. While the other faculty will be with us for four days, Ruth Wall will be with us for 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday. The timetable will vary from day to day.


This is a non-residential course and the fee is 290.

Open to

Students ages 12-21 at a post grade 8/diploma standard, or Mozart concerto for flute, Boccherini concerto for cello, or post Suzuki harp books if a Suzuki student. Students under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian appointed by the parent as we do not have the means to provided pastoral care.


Faculty of Music and other venues t.b.c.

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